Every loaf of Sonoma sourdough contains freshly-milled sustainable flour, filtered water, sourdough starter and sea salt. It also contains passion, soul, hard work and integrity, fed with love by the bakers who make each one by hand.


Signature loaves



Our signature Sonoma Miche loaf is characterised by a distinct smokey flavour. It has a dark caramelised and blistered crust and an open and chewy crumb.  



Named after San Francisco’s Mission District, this impressive loaf is characterised by its golden chewy crust and custard-like interior texture.



Also from the oven

Ancient Grain

A blend of spelt and khorasan flours with quinoa, chia and amaranth. This densely textured loaf is characterised by its rich and earthy flavours.

Country White

Our classic white sourdough loaf with a blend of white and wholemeal flour and a touch of honey. Open crumb and golden, crusty exterior.

Country White Baguette

Sonoma's classic Country White sourdough baguette - hand made over 5 hours and slow fermented overnight, baked golden with a crisp crust and open soft texture.

Oat Porridge

Open-textured country white sourdough loaf with cooked oat porridge hand folded through. Slow fermented overnight baked until caramelised.

Kalamata Olive & Herbes de Provence

Studded with whole kalamata olives, this chewy and open-textured loaf is fragrant with thyme, marjoram, oregano, rosemary and lavender.


Soy & Linseed

A Sonoma classic Country White sourdough, folded through with whole pre soaked soybeans and linseeds.


Walnut Raisin & Fig

Packed with walnuts, raisins and figs, this densely textured loaf is rich with fruity and nutty flavours.

Toasted Sesame & Amaranth

Country white loaf, densely packed with toasted sesame and soaked amaranth seeds. Slow fermented overnight and baked until caramelised.