The baker's method


The Starter

Each loaf begins with the starter, a mix of flour, filtered water and wild yeasts that naturally occur in the flour. Tending the perfect starter requires a nurturing hand, it is the life force of our bread. We mix it the day before baking then let it rest in a tempered room where the natural yeasts can thrive, slowly fermenting over the next 14 hours. 

The Dough

We add freshly-milled sustainable flour, sea salt and filtered water and there we have our bread dough. For the next 30 minutes we alternate between mixing and resting the dough, a technique that creates a beautiful open crumb.

The Baking

Every loaf is hand-shaped before being placed in a cloth-lined banneton or wrapped in Belgian linen called ‘couche’. The loaves are left to cold ferment for 12-16 hours before our bakers individually score each one with a specialised tool known as a ‘lame’. Finally the loaves are baked on the stone hearth of the oven.