We select beans of distinct character and individually roast before blending; each blend has been thoughtfully developed to deliver a memorable experience.

Body Blend

Rich, full-bodied and flavourful, this blend has been developed for milk based coffee.

Flavour Notes:
Chocolate, caramel, maple, raisin, toffee

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: earthy, spicy
Acidity: light
Body: soft, rounded
Finish: clean

Spirit Blend

Complex with fruits and soft dark cocoa, finishing with a crisp and resonating acidity.

Flavour Notes:
Dark cocoa, caramelised raisin, plum

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: blueberry, cocoa
Acidity: lively, crisp
Body: smooth
Finish: marmalade, resonating 

Single Origins

We source some of the world’s most interesting coffees grown by small scale growers and independent estates. 

Our range of single origin coffees has been carefully selected for the distinctive flavor notes offered and each has been roasted for filter and espresso.

We purchase small quantities that we change monthly, see in store for current offerings.