The story behind
Sustainable Flour

Sonoma Baking Company is committed to producing bread of the highest quality,
using ingredients that taste great and are great for you, from a sustainable source.
Our partnership with Wholegrain Milling over the last 12 years has been committed
to sourcing the best premium wheat available despite common seasonal difficulties
such as drought.
Wholegrain Milling together with ASP (Australian Sustainable Products) growers have formed
the Certified Sustainable standard. Their mission is to produce premium quality, highly
nutritious grain that is grown using agricultural practices that revolve around soil health,
nutrition, crop rotation and farming community assistance that can be maintained,
enhanced and preserved for future generations.
Our sourdough bread is made with certified sustainable flour grown in the NSW
central west region of Gilgandra. These grains are entirely traceable from the paddock
to the mill and rigorously audited and certified chemical free.  
Our sourdough bread is naturally leavened, contains no commercial yeasts,
preservatives or additives, just flour, water and sea salt.
Where does your bread come from?